Workshop: Design and Innovation Week at EMADU


The Euromed School of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning is organizing a workshop on behalf of its Design department which runs over the week of January 22, until January 26, 2024. This workshop is supervised by the Moroccan designer of renowned Younes Duret, under the theme "The objects which make up the ritual of preparing and tasting tea".

Mr. Younes Duret adopts a design approach that combines innovation, culture, and creative reinterpretation of reality to shape the future. Younes Duret's studio is characterized by a distinctive design philosophy, integrating innovation through a deep understanding of history and cultures. Each project represents an exploration aimed at challenging established norms, redefining the spaces and objects of everyday life, and designing creations that go beyond aesthetics to tell a story while having a meaningful impact .

EMADU students are there to explore and design objects that enrich and celebrate the traditional tea ritual, taking into account the cultural, functional and aesthetic aspects.