[Hackathon] The GreenWings project is unanimously approved by the Jury and wins first place


The “Euromed Sustainable Impact Challenge” Hackathon, organized from January 19 to 21, 2022 by Euromed University of Fez and Royal Air Maroc, closed with the announcement of the winning project “Green Wings”. 

Green Wings is a mobile application created by a group of 8 students in Business, Artificial Intelligence and Design at UEMF. This application aims to promote RAM's CSR actions and instill them in the habits of employees through three main aspects: carpooling, catering, as well as eco-scoring and eco-ranking.

- Carpooling will help minimize the carbon footprint. 

- The catering component will allow employees to confirm or not their presence at the company restaurant the next day, as well as to choose the foods that would make up their menu in order to avoid food waste. 

- Eco-scoring is a score calculated on the basis of 3 factors: consumption of water and electricity internally and externally among the various RAM employees, the rate of involvement in carpooling and activities eco-responsible RAM, and finally volunteering. This score will result in an eco-ranking which will elect the best eco-friendly, which will create an atmosphere of competition and play and will allow business to be combined with pleasure.  

All these activities will bring significant savings for RAM, savings which will then be used in a rewarding system in favor of the various eco-responsible employees.

As a reminder, 13 teams, made up of UEMF students, pitched their projects to the jury during the grand final. All projects demonstrated inventiveness and respect for the principles and practices of sustainable, social, environmental and economic development.