Meeting between students of the Dutch School of Architecture Delftse School and those of the Euromed School of Architecture (EMADU)


As part of strengthening its international cooperation, and launching milestones for future cooperation, including, among others, student and research mobility, Professor Iman Meriem Benkirane, Director of the Euromed School of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (EMADU), component of the Euromed University of Fez (UEMF), received this Tuesday, July 13, a group of 24 students from the Dutch School of Architecture of Delftse School as well as their Professor.

Accompanied by Ms. Aziza Chaouni, Associate Professor at the University of Toronto Civil Engineer, Architect, and holder of numerous awards for her work which has been the subject of exhibitions at the international level, the group of guests, who visit Morocco and the city of Fez for the first time, was welcomed within the UEMF eco-campus in which a working session took place.  

Beyond discussing the different educational approaches of the two institutions, this meeting promoted the sharing of knowledge through presentations and points of view on operational architectural projects carried out by the two countries. The objective is to give rise to reflections, knowledge production and new perspectives for future Moroccan and Dutch architects.