ICESCO Chair “Women in Science, AI and Futures”: Coding Bootcamps for the benefit of young girls in the Guelmim-Oued Noun region


An initiative ensured by the ICESCO Chair “Women in Sciences: Artificial Intelligence and Futures” of the Euromed University of Fez open to 100 young girls aged between 7 and 10 years old in collaboration with the Regional Academy of Education and Training of the Guelmim-Oued Noun Region.

The ICESCO Chair “Women in Science: Artificial Intelligence and the Future” at Euromed University in Fez is organizing two Bootcamps in the Guelmim region on February 26 and 27 in El Waha and 3 Mars primary schools.

“Inspiring young women to become the AI ​​leaders of tomorrow” is the title of this first edition which aims to encourage girls to pursue studies in digital engineering and artificial intelligence by presenting them with current topics related to to STEM, such as machine learning, data science, IoT and different technological infrastructures in a different, informal and fun way.

While digital technology is establishing itself in our daily lives, Pr. Maha Gmira, chair holder, recognized expert in AI and teacher at the School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence of the UEMF, is putting all means into works to design tailor-made training programs and allow young girls to learn not only to code but to develop their critical thinking, their curiosity and their creativity.

The goal of initiatives like AI Bootcamp is to reduce or even eliminate the gender gap in technology, because we cannot afford for around half of the world's population to be left out of digital transformation », attests Pr. Maha Gmira. Furthermore, she underlines that digital inclusion and digital literacy offer the possibility of better remuneration for women and makes it possible to reinforce, through the transversal dimension of artificial intelligence, the change already undertaken by girls and women. around the world in key areas such as gender equality and climate action.

Reinforced by the mission carried out by the ICESCO chair “Women in Sciences: Artificial Intelligence and the Future”, Pr. Maha Gmira intends, thanks to innovative pedagogical actions among others, to expand knowledge and facilitate the choice of orientation. For her, age represents a decisive factor in career choices. It is therefore essential to act early in the school curriculum to inform, raise awareness, encourage and make information accessible to young girls across the Kingdom.