Visit to the UEMF by a delegation from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières


The Euromed University of Fez received this Tuesday, March 14, a delegation of officials from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières , led by Mr. Sébastien Charles, Vice-Rector in charge of Research and Development

During the working meeting between the two parties, several areas of cooperation in teaching and research were identified. In the field of human and social sciences and management, the two parties agreed to work together on issues relating to human capital and HRM, childhood, family and heritage. Exchange and cooperation in innovation management, performance improvement and finance will be the subject of a defined collaboration offer on both sides, by mutual agreement between the colleagues present at this meeting.

In engineering, the disciplines associated with chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering were addressed and suggest future academic collaboration and green hydrogen was selected as a priority theme for research collaboration.

The mutual interest in educational sciences and skills-based and project-based approaches, highlighted in the discussions, and Quebec know-how in this area will be put to good use in the deployment initiated by the Euromed University of Fez of its educational innovation project, extended to all components. Finally, in the field of health, several specialties of mutual interest, in paramedical and nursing sciences, were identified and will be the subject of concerted work.

Visiting some of the University's technological platforms, the Quebec delegation wished to express, in addition to its thanks for the welcome given to it, also its admiration for the quality of the equipment and installations put in place in such a short time. . She said she was particularly captivated by the values ​​conveyed by the UEMF and its commitment to guaranteeing equitable access for all and its ability to respond to the social issues of its users.