Exchange between students of Euromed University of Fez and the Moroccan diplomatic club


Students from Euromed University in Fez attended a conference led by members of the Moroccan diplomatic club with the aim of presenting the challenges of the profession of a diplomat and sharing real-life experiences from their journey. After the introduction and opening of the session by the President of the University Mr. Mostapha Bousmina, 6 Moroccan ambassadors and heads of diplomatic mission spoke in front of students interested in the theme, notably those from the Euromed Institute of Legal and Political Sciences, which raised questions relating to geopolitics, the career of the diplomat, or even international relations.

It was in a relaxed, warm atmosphere rich in exchanges that this conference was held with the objective of allowing students to be in direct contact with professionals. This conference also made it possible to highlight the constraints relating to this profession and the importance of interpersonal skills in the management of particularly sensitive subjects. In this sense, Mr. Mostapha Bousmina specified that beyond prejudices and pitfalls, will, self-confidence, perseverance and excellence remain among the levers leading to success.