Visit of the delegation of the European Union and the European Investment Bank to the UEMF eco-campus


Partners of the UEMF since its creation, the European Union and the European Investment Bank support the University in its development by financially supporting part of the eco-campus construction project.

In this sense, Ms. Anna Barone, Representative of the EIB in Morocco, Ms. Matilde Ceravolo, Head of Economic Competitiveness-Infrastructure & Environment Section / EU Delegation in Morocco, as well as a delegation from the said institutions went to the UEMF as part of a visit to the 2nd phase of the UEMF construction site and the University's research and innovation infrastructure. 

As a reminder, the UEMF benefited from a grant from the European Union via the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support the construction and equipment of the eco-campus. Thus, in 2017, the EU granted a grant and the EIB a loan to the Euromed University of Fez with optimal financing conditions thanks to its AAA rating.

The latest financial support from the European Union was devoted to the acquisition of computer and laboratory equipment to enable the university to ensure educational continuity for its scholarship students and to manufacture medical protection equipment. during the Covid-19 health crisis.