Visit of EIB Vice-President Mr. Mourinho Félix to UEMF for an exchange with students on climate


On an official visit to Morocco for the first time, the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Mr. Ricardo Mourinho Félix, will visit the Euromed University of Fez (UEMF) on Monday October 17.

In the presence of Professor Mostapha Bousmina, President of the UEMF, Mr. Ricardo Mourinho Félix will host a conference in front of UEMF students to highlight the importance of climate issues for youth in the run-up to the next COP 27.

This visit takes place in a “Team Europe” spirit and highlights the importance of the Morocco-EU partnership to strengthen innovation, inclusion and the search for excellence in higher education.

As the next 27th edition of the Conference of the Parties (COP27) approaches, scheduled for Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt from November 6 to 18, Mr. Mourinho Félix will discuss with students and teacher-researchers of the UEMF on the challenges and opportunities of the climate transition as well as the role of the EIB, as a Climate Bank, to promote sustainable models in Morocco and around the world.

In a Team Europe spirit, this visit to the UEMF eco-campus highlights the importance of the Morocco-EU partnership to strengthen the skills, inclusion and employment prospects of young people. Since 2016, the European Union and the EIB have been working alongside the Moroccan Government to support various development projects, including that of the UEMF with teaching and research programs of excellence.

The support from the EIB and the EU to the UEMF amounts to 58 million MAD in the form of donations and 148 million MAD in the form of a grant in addition to a loan of 784 million MAD from the EIB. This funding enabled the construction and equipment of the University's eco-campus, which complies with the best international standards and which today extends over more than 40 hectares and where some 3,000 students and teachers meet on a daily basis. -researchers representing 43 nationalities. This European support has also strengthened the possibility of access to the most deserving students by supporting the University's scholarship policy. In 2026, UEMF should welcome more than 6,000 students from all backgrounds.

“I am very happy to go to the University, unique in the region, thanks to this exceptional partnership between the Government of Morocco, the European Investment Bank and the European Union. » declared Ricardo Mourinho Félix , Vice-President of the EIB responsible for financing in Morocco, during his visit to the UEMF. “A few weeks before COP 27, I wanted to discuss with the students the importance of climate issues, but also the perspectives that the climate transition opens up. This youth is full of energy and we need them to respond to the challenges of climate and environmental sustainability. In this regard, the UEMF is perfectly positioned thanks to its excellent training and its quality research center. We are proud to continue our support for the development of this exceptional university. »