Mr. Rik DAEMS: President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe visiting the UEMF


The Euromed University of Fez (UEMF) today received a distinguished guest. This is Mr Rik Daems, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The visit began with a presentation by the President of the UEMF, Prof. Mostapha Bousmina, concerning the University's missions in terms of promoting intercultural dialogue, exchange and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean with an extension natural towards Sub-Saharan Africa, missions which were assigned by His Majesty the King to the Euromed University of Fez, of which he is the Initiator.

Mr. President also explained the nature of the University's teaching and research programs as well as the values ​​transmitted to students in terms of tolerance, living together, respect for human rights, freedoms and democratic values ​​in perfect resonance with the irreversible trajectory taken by our country under the enlightened and humanist leadership of His Majesty the King, may God help him.

Mr. Deams subsequently had a fruitful dialogue and exchange with students and teacher-researchers of the University concerning relations between Morocco and Europe.

Mr Deams said he was impressed by UEMF and its vision and values ​​and also by the high quality of frank exchanges with students and teacher-researchers. He expressed the wish to establish a strong partnership with the UEMF for welcoming students for internships and for setting up and co-development of training and research programs of mutual interest.