A delegation made up of the EU, the EIB and EU Ambassadors visits the UEMF for an unprecedented exchange with students


On the occasion of the European Year of Youth and celebrations linked to Europe Day, the European Union in Morocco, the European Investment Bank, and thirteen Ambassadors of EU Member States in Morocco, visited the UEMF eco-campus together. 

This visit highlights the importance of the Morocco-EU partnership to promote youth and their ideas. During this event, a plenary session co-chaired by Professor Bousmina, President of the UEMF,

Mrs. Patricia Llombart-Cussac, EU Ambassador to Morocco, and Anna Barone, EIB representative in Morocco, was marked by an unprecedented exchange between ambassadors and students within the framework of three thematic workshops: EU-Morocco partnership; climate change and entrepreneurship; higher education and mobility, as well as a cross-cutting gender theme.

As such, the UEMF plays a key role in training a future generation of high-level executives, carriers

of innovation, nourished by the values ​​of tolerance, openness and excellence in terms of creation and innovation and able to meet the multiple challenges of sustainable development.


Some press coverage of the event:


The EuroMed University of Fez, one of the concrete examples of the Morocco-EU partnership in favor of youth (European diplomat)

The EuroMed University of Fez, a concrete example of the Morocco-EU partnership in favor of youth

سفراء في الجامعة الأورومتوسطية

بعثة للاتحاد الأوروبي تثمن الشراكة مع المغرب في النهوض بأوضاع الشب اب