The Restructuring Days of Fez 2024: A Giant Step in the Field of Business Law in Distress

Congresses and conferences

Euromed University of Fez and the Sorbonne Law School organized the Fez Restructuring Days

The Euromed University of Fez and the Sorbonne Law School jointly orchestrated the Fez Restructuring Days on May 16 and 17, 2024, at the UEMF eco-campus. The main objective of this event was to strengthen the expertise of participants in the law of companies in difficulty, by allowing them to master and understand the essential structuring concepts in the amicable and judicial treatment of difficulties.

Thanks to the direction of Professor François-Xavier Lucas and the contribution of eminent speakers, these days allowed participants to assess the legal implications linked to each of the restructuring techniques.
In addition, the debates and discussions offered participants a clear vision to know how to select the most appropriate restructuring technique for each situation. Various panels explored crucial themes during these days, in particular: • News of the declaration and admission of claims
• News of European and international bankruptcy law
• News of security law faced with collective procedure
• The amicable restructuring
• Safeguard or recovery plans voted by the classes of affected parties

The Fez Restructuring Days were an opportunity for participants to consolidate their knowledge, to exchange with renowned experts, to discover the latest advances in the field of company law in difficulty and to develop innovative solutions to current challenges. restructuring.