The EUROMED-ICESCO chair explores the impact of art during the “Art and Disasters” conference

Congresses and conferences

As part of the activities of the EUROMED-ICESCO Chair “Arts, societies and civilizations”, a conference under the theme “Art and Disasters” was held on February 28, 2024.

A meeting which saw the participation of several experts such as Pr. Abderrahman Tenkoul, Dean of the Euromed Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FSHS), Pr. Marc Gontard, writer specializing in French-speaking literature, Pr. Ewa Potocka, Teacher-researcher at the Euromed School of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning (EMADU) and intermedia artist, Pr. Farid Zahi, art critic and writer, Pr. Ahmed Mjidou, Director of Studies at the Institut National des Beaux- Arts (INBA) and Pr. Thami Benkirane, specialist in language sciences and experimental phonetics and photographer since 1976.

The discussions focused on the role of art in the face of conflicts, highlighting its capacity to question the unthought, to offer aesthetic avenues and to raise awareness. The interest of this conference was therefore to question the singularity and scope of this aspect of art from various approaches: poetic, political, philosophical, sociological and others.

This meeting underlined the importance of considering art as an instrument of dissent and resilience, highlighting its essential role in social criticism and resistance to the excesses of humanity.