The EUROMED-ICESCO Chair: Arts, Societies and Civilizations is organizing a round table on: “Immigration and issues of inclusion”

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The EUROMED-ICESCO Chair "Arts, societies and civilizations" organized a round table which took place on November 21 under the evocative title "Immigration and questions of inclusion: crossed perspectives" at the UEMF Eco-campus .

Immigration and issues of inclusion emerged as central themes of this meeting. The participants engaged in an introspective discussion, questioning the multiple facets linked to the different perspectives of this social fact, preceded by the opening speech of the event delivered by Mr. Abderrahman Tenkoul, Director of the Chair and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.

During this meeting, the eminent speakers, namely Mr. Mohammed El Homrani Maknuzi, Professor Department of Didactics and School Organization at the University of Granada, Ms. Damarys Roy Sadradin, Director of the Master in Higher Education at the University Andrés Bello, Ms. Margarita E. Aravena Gaete, Director of the Inclusion Observatory at Andrés Bello University, Ms. Majda Nniya El Berdai, Spanish Language Coordinator at Euromed University of Fez and Mr. Alexander Toshkov Director of the UEMF Language Center, have transcended the simplistic reading which considers that the complex issue of immigration is only a scourge. 

From a sociological, psychological and legal point of view, each of the speakers brought a unique perception, thus enriching the understanding of issues linked to immigration, cultural diversity and questions of inclusion.

The shared perspectives offered by the participants made it possible to explore the deep resonances of these contemporary realities. In short, this meeting illuminated the scene for in-depth analyses, establishing a rich dialogue with the students and teacher-researchers present. It left in the minds of the participants a deep questioning about the capacity of immigration to not only reflect, but also to influence social dynamics, in particular those linked to inclusion and living together within a same nation.