International conference: Mediterranean and Interculturalities: today's realities and future challenges

Congresses and conferences

The UNESCO Chair of the Euromed University of Fez "Mediterranean Interculturalities" organized an international conference on May 24, 2024 on the theme: "Mediterranean and Interculturalities: today's realities and future challenges". 

In the presence of Professor Mansour M'Henni, special guest of this event held within the Eco-campus, a range of participants highlighted different avenues according to which the question of interculturality can constitute a lever for edification of a Mediterranean reconciled with itself, its peoples and its societies. Thus, the emphasis was placed on the terminologies to be developed to better think about the Mediterranean as a space, historical depth and promise of the future, by approaching the subject from different prisms (both in French, English and Spanish). ).  

Just as the approaches invested, from multiple supports (crafts, magazines, literary texts, migration, imagination, communication, etc.), have shown the importance that should be given to training in the values ​​of intercultural to fight against exclusion, dogmatism and other forms of extremism which prevent the rebuilding of a Mediterranean considered as a memory of the future.