Spain-Morocco, bridges and cultural discourses: subject of the International Congress organized at the UEMF

Congresses and conferences

The Euromed University of Fez, which has worked since its creation to promote diversity and encourage intercultural dialogue, is organizing on May 18 and 19, 2022 an international congress which brings together Spain and Morocco through the contributions and communications of the speakers Moroccan and Spanish who will treat the subject from different angles such as politics and thought, art and architecture, literature and stories, commerce and industry.

The objective is to build cultural bridges between the two countries, to remember the historical memory that we share, as well as the historical and cultural elements that we have in common and that we must preserve in order to make possible a new model of coexistence and to preserve friendship, good neighborliness and cooperation between the two kingdoms.

The Spain-Morocco International Congress Bridges and Cultural Discourses is co-organized with the Spanish Embassy in Rabat and was attended by the cultural advisor, Mr. Borja Morate, and the President of the Cervantes Institute of Fez, Mr. Miguel Ángel Sanjosé to mark this unprecedented new stage in Spanish-Moroccan diplomatic relations and to give a new dimension to this union anchored in history.

This congress is aimed at a general public: Hispanics, Arabists, Islamologists, researchers in different fields of social sciences, anthropologists, sociologists, university professors, doctoral students as well as diplomats.