Global crises, opportunities and renewal


No country in the world is immune to global crises, hence the need to deploy a rational, transformational and inclusive strategy. Invisible threats or crises expose a certain number of dysfunctions and vulnerabilities, even weaknesses on a societal scale.

It is therefore fundamental to consider these issues which know no borders as periods of transition, or even rupture, capable of leading States to reinvent themselves, to renew themselves by rethinking or adapting their choices, their strategies and their governance. This necessarily requires the implementation of critical and engaged reflection through stages that are intrinsically linked and nourished by the interactions resulting from the processes they initiate.

In this scheme, local actors have a determining role to play within the framework of a crisis management process whatever its nature. As for organizations, it is fundamental that they be vigilant and listen to their ecosystem. Exhaustive, transparent and active, intra- and inter-organizational communication thus remains a vital link in times of crisis.

In parallel with the “communication” function, several complementary measures are able to guide organizations through periods of crisis. It is therefore appropriate to take an interest in organizational systems and the multiple reflections on the subject.

By:  Salim Bounou, Said El Kazzouli, Othmane Benmoussa and Mounia Slighoua from the Euromed Research Center, Euromed University of Fez.

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