[Forbes Magazine] Fez Smart Factory: supporting the emergence of a new generation of smart factories


The advent of Industry 4.0 refers to modernized organizational methods. The advantage of such an industry for companies is clearly reflected in the increase in productivity and efficiency thanks in particular to structural advances in flexibility generating better quality products at reduced costs. These new ways of doing things accelerate time to market and boost competitiveness.

Also, the players involved in this new turning point will be able to benefit from greater sobriety and convenience during the production phases, while maximizing safety. It is obvious that companies which grasp the value of these enormous potentials will be best equipped to meet the great challenges of tomorrow in a changing world. In the future, companies will establish globalized and interconnected value chains that will de facto require the development of international standards.

In Morocco, the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy is particularly determined to install innovative ecosystems promoting technological integration in industrialization approaches. This interest in the industry of the future is formalized by the launch of qualified industrial zones in collaboration with international partners. At the African level, Morocco is developing its multidimensional plan leading to an industry 4.0, based essentially on a solid public-private partnership.

In this dynamic, the Fez Smart Factory project led by the UEMF, which is now on track, aims to set in motion an ecosystem favorable to industrial ecology. The long-term goal is to support the emergence of a new generation of smart factories adopting the use of the latest technologies in collaborative engineering, advanced simulation, augmented reality, robotization, Cloud Computing and cyber. -security.


Source : Mohammed El Kettani

Forbes Magazine " March 14, 2022" : https://www.forbes.fr/technologie/industrie-4-0-un-lever-transformationnel-au-profit-de-lexcellence-operationnelle/