Doctoral dissertation topics

UAV Navigation in Complex Environments Using AI Algorithms


[Technician] Design and production, in yeast, of Bluetongue virus capsid particles as an alternative to the vaccine based on live attenuated virus.

Smart Charging of the Electric Vehicle in the Moroccan Context


High-field NMR for quality control: Development of new analytical methods in the food industry using NMR


Selective Ultrasound Sensor Networks with AI Algorithms for Early Detection and Monitoring of Breast Cancer

New Multifunctional Fibrous Membranes with Bioactive Nanoparticles and Therapeutic Drugs for Maxillofacial Application


The effects of architecture on people's behavior, emotions and perceptions

Joint modeling to predict the probability of progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease


Formulation of a new generation of composite biomaterial for bone tissue engineering

Development of biosourced cementitious materials for additive manufacturing in construction.

Direct generation of hydrogen from seawater

Development of an intelligent transport system for solving urban mobility problems

Development of user-friendly tools for advanced statistical analyzes of RNA sequencing cancer data


Development of High-Surface and Corrosion Resistance of 3D printed H13 by Additive Manufacturing


Design and synthesis by activation of CH bonds of a new family of molecules of biological interest

Blockchain-Driven Transformation of the Green Hydrogen Supply Chain



Optimization of architecture experienced by new technology