Word from the Director of Euromed Polytechnic School

Students, dear Euromed Polytechnic School community,

Founded on the conviction that advances in science, engineering and technology are systemic in nature and require a close connection between various fields of expertise, the Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS) is designed to introduce its learners, whatever or their area of ​​specialization, the fundamental principles that govern complex systems in order to be able to apply them to the resolution of societally, industrially and economically relevant problems through analysis, design and control.

The Ecole Polytechnique therefore aims to contribute significantly to the readability and visibility of major engineering, science and technology programs within the Euromed University of Fez (UEMF), but also, more generally, to the promotion of these scientific courses both in Morocco and in Europe and Africa to concretely translate the DNA of the UEMF.

In this sense, the EPS's mission is to develop, provide, support, strengthen and deepen teaching, research and knowledge mobilization actions among students and economic actors, and this , in the field of science, engineering, technology and any other related field of knowledge.

In this context, the primary objective of the Ecole Polytechnique remains the development of cutting-edge programs delivering state engineering diplomas with solid training, both specialized and multidisciplinary.

Advanced postgraduate curricula are also offered according to a logic of deepening knowledge or specialized specialization on a particular chosen theme, constituting, among other things, the antechamber of various doctoral program modules.

Doctoral training, the preparation and supervision of doctoral students are also a pillar of the Ecole Polytechnique capable of being measured by the positive longitudinal evolution of the number of theses already defended.

Prof. Othmane Benmoussa