A partnership agreement between the UEMF and Pinnacle Teaching Solutions for the introduction of English-speaking teaching

Agreements and partnerships

The presidential and educational team of Euromed University of Fez today signed a partnership agreement with Pinnacle Teaching Solutions, experts in English language learning. 

Thanks to this partnership, the UEMF intends to introduce training courses taught in English, in addition to those already in place in French, in all fields of disciplines offered by the University: engineering, architecture, human, political and social sciences, but also in business and scientific research and doctoral studies. 

The possibility of studying in English at the Euromed University of Fez is part of the continuity of its strategic vision which is to guarantee openness to different cultures and to be a platform for exchange and sharing linking the north to south. 

Thanks to this partnership, Pinnacle Teaching Solutions professors will have the mission of setting up intensive courses based on an interactive learning mode in the form of debates, conferences and seminars allowing students but also members of the staff of the University to master the four language skills: reading, listening, writing and expressing oneself.