Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS)

• Assistant Professor “Maître de conference” Qualification, Section 27 of the CNU, 2020, Qualification Number: 19227310216,French Ministry of Higher EducationResearch and Innovation.

• PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science from Le Havre-Normandie University and Faculty of Science and Technology-Fes, Applied Mathematics Laboratory (LMAH), Le Havre, France.

• Master degree (MSc) in Operations Research and Statistics from Faculty of Science and Technology, Fes.

• Bachelor degree (BSc) in Applied Mathematics, Hassan II University, Casablanca.

• Operations Research

• Artificial Intelligence

• Cloud Computing

• Simulation

• Transportation

• Data Scientist atUpli, Paris, France.

• ResearchEngineerat PIL (Pôle Ingénieur et Logistique),AppliedMathematicsLaboratory,Le Havre, France.

• Lecturer /Teaching missions at IUT Le Havre (InstitutUniversitaire de Technologie du Havre), Le Havre, France.

• Rouky, N., Boukachour, J., Boudebous, D., Alaoui, A. E. H., (2022). Optimization Under Uncertainty: Generality and Application to Multimodal Transport, International Journal of Supply and Operations Management, (Accepted).

• Rouky, N., Abourraja M. N.., Boukachour, J., Boudebous, D., Alaoui, A. E. H., (2019). Simulation optimization based ant colony algorithm for the uncertain quay crane scheduling problem, International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, 10 (1), 111-132. DOI:10.5267/j.ijiec.2018.2.002

• Rouky, N., Boukachour, J., Boudebous, D., &Alaoui, A. E. H. (2018). A robust metaheuristic for the rail shuttle routing problem, The Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, Elsevier. 34 (2), 171-187.

• Rouky, N., Couzon, P., Boukachour, J., Boudebous, D., &Alaoui, A. E. H. (2018). Optimization of containers transfer in lehavre port: A new algorithm for the railway transportation system. IFAC-PapersOnLine, Elsevier. 51(11), 1676-1681.

• Abourraja M. N., Oudani M., Samiri M. Y., Boudebous, D., Najib M., Rouky N. (2017), A multi-agent based simulationmodel for rail–rail transshipment: an engineering approach for gantry crane scheduling, IEEE Access, 5, 13142-13156

• Abourraja M. N, Benantar A., Rouky, N., Boukachour, J. &Boudebous, D. (2019). Towards a simulation-based decision support tool for container terminal layout design, The International Conference On Harbor, Maritime And Multimodal Logistic M&S, At: Lisbon, Portugal - September 18 - 20, 2019

Rouky, N., Abourraja M. N, Boukachour, J., Boudebous, D., &Alaoui, A. E. H. (2018). Optimization and Simulation for the Quay Crane Scheduling Problem under Uncertainty, GOL'18 conference, Apil 10-12, Le Havre, France.

• Rouky, N., Abourraja M. N, Boukachour, J., Boudebous, D., &Alaoui, A. E. H. (2017). Simulation Optimization approach for the stochastic quay crane scheduling problem, at The 21st Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies, July 17- 21, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

• Rouky, N., Boukachour, J., Boudebous, D., & Alaoui, A. E. H. Optimisation des tournées de navettes ferroviaires sousincertitudes dans le port du Havre, ROADEF'2016, 10-12 Février, Compiègne, France.

• Rouky,N., Boukachour, J., Alaoui, ,A. E. H., Boudebous, D. & El Khoukhi ,F. (2015). Un algorithme d'optimisation parcolonies de fourmis pour l'ordonnancement des grues de quai, JD-JN-MACS'2015, 18-19 juin, Bourges, France.

• Analyse 2

• Statistics

• Machine learning

• Operations Research

• Operations Research and Predictive analysis

• Logistic Engineering

• Projects: Simulation (Anylogic), Cloud architecture for smart transportation systems …

• 1st price of the challenge IA-PBI France « Transport &Mobilité » 2020.

• 3rd price of the challenge « Information Voyageurs en situation perturbée, Île-de-France Mobilités » 2019.


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