Fez Smart Factory



Public consultation of the Fez Smart Factory project organized on Thursday July 23, 2022.


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Public consultation relating to the study of the environmental and social impact of the project


Fez Smart Factory

This project is developed within the framework of the “Sustainable Industrial Zone Fund (FONZID)” Program of the Millennium Challenge Account –Morocco. It aims to establish a space for the development of industrial activities with significantly improved productivity thanks to the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. It is being implemented as part of a partnership between the UEMF, CGEM Fès/Taza, the Fès Meknes regional council and the company Alten delivery center Maroc.

This ambitious objective will be achieved in three complementary phases, the first of which will be completed and put into operation at the end of the first quarter of 2022.


Fez Smart Factory


The three phases of the project:

- The first phase: aims to develop and build a space to house innovative companies (Start-ups), engineering companies, R&D laboratories, investors and project leaders for incubation working for development of industrial activity 4.0. This innovation environment will be used to create new 4.0 industrial units and transform existing industrial units into 4.0 factories. This phase will include:

  • A building of 8,014 m2 on 5 levels, i.e. 2,120 m2 on the ground housing the aforementioned entities;
  • A space designed for a 4.0 model factory.

- The second phase: will begin after the end of the first. It will host batches dedicated to 4.0 factories developed by startups, or resulting from the transformation of existing factories carried out with the support of FSF.  

- In the third phase, a second extension of the FSF zone will be carried out to accommodate new industrial 4.0 units. This extension will be installed on 8.14 ha of land adjoining that on which the first two phases will be carried out.  





The components of the first phase:

  • The Center for Valorization, Transfer and Technological Innovation 4.0 (CVTIT): subsidiary company of the UEMF responsible for the overall management of the FSF zone, ensures the effective management of industry 4.0 development activities in the FSF zone and delegates the management of general services in the area to an appropriate management company. 
  • - The 4.0 Incubator: It is an organ of the CVTIT company, responsible for carrying out missions linked to the incubation of innovative projects oriented towards industry 4.0.
  • The 4.0 Startup Accelerator: It is a reception area for industrial 4.0 startups managed by the company CVTIT which provides domiciled startups with appropriate support in their development for a maximum period of 4 years.
  • - Engineering Services for Industry 4.0: Digital and Artificial Intelligence; Instrumentation; Additive Manufacturing; Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy; Sustainable development; Industrial Processes; Logistics; Industrial maintenance; Lean Management…The supervision of these services falls to the company CVTIT.  
  • R&D Laboratories: are domiciliation spaces for entities developing R&D activities for the needs of transformation into industries 4.0. These spaces are under the supervision of the CVTIT company.  
  • The Rapid Prototyping Center (Additive Manufacturing): including additive manufacturing machines in metallic, plastic, ceramic and concrete materials. This center is the property of the UEMF which shares it with FSF as part of services provided by dedicated CVTIT staff using the material resources of the Prototyping Center. Through the company CVTIT, this center will provide prototyping services to Incubator project leaders, Accelerator Startups, engineering companies and FSF R&D Laboratories and businesses.  
  • The Business Center 4.0: These are domiciliation spaces for investors wishing to invest in Morocco in the field of industry 4.0. These spaces are managed by the company CVTIT.
  • The FSF General Services Management Company: it will be responsible for managing general services common to all FSF beneficiaries. 
  • The Fez Smart Factory Zone Association: This association was created to ensure the smooth running of FSF while developing a good living environment and collaboration between the beneficiaries of the zone. 
  • The “Model Factory” space: will be set up for the establishment of the model factory which will be designed and implemented as part of a partnership to be formed during the first phase.




Business Model of the project:

The CVTIT will lead campaigns to promote Industry 4.0 concepts at the regional and national level with sustained support from the CGEM. It will carry out diagnostics for identified industrial companies to assess the potential competitiveness gain that can be obtained through the transformation into 4.0 factories. A transformation plan will be established. The additive manufacturing needs of companies will be met by the FSF Rapid Prototyping Center shared with the UEMF.  

The CVTIT offers technological support services to beneficiaries of startups, engineering companies, R&D laboratories, investors and project leaders for incubation, as well as general services described above, through the company general services.
The costs of the various innovative technological services and general services are paid at a very competitive cost by the beneficiaries as part of their domiciliation. Domiciliation costs for incubated project leaders are free for a maximum period of two years. The technological support services provided to these project leaders are symbolic. Gender and social inclusion (GIS) aspects are taken into consideration for the implementation of all project activities that require them.

The project's investment budget is 104 Million MAD, half of which is financed by MCA-Morocco. The internal rate of return of the project over 15 years is 10.82%.


Establishment of innovative industrial reception spaces to develop the competitiveness of regional industry in the form of an innovative integrated industrial platform oriented Industry 4.0. Providing conditions conducive to the transformation of existing industrial units into 4.0 factories on the one hand, and to the emergence of new 4.0 factories, through innovation processes, on the other hand.  


Missions and Support
  • Propose an integrated and sustainable Zone to manufacturers wishing to modernize, digitalize and decontaminate their production while benefiting from a favorable ecosystem of research, startups and students nearby. 
  • Support the start-up and sustainability of innovative startups by offering them incubation and access to expensive equipment made available by the university, but above all nearby customers with guaranteed first purchase orders. 
  • Promote and democratize industry 4.0 by offering a showroom (model factory) allowing initial and continuing training as well as the sharing of best practices in the sector

Millenium Challenge Account Morocco -CGEM Fez/Taza, Fez Meknes Regional Council -Alten Delivery Center Morocco.


Name: Professor Tijani Bounahmidi

Email: t.bounahmidi@ueuromed.org