Innovation structures

Innovation structures

Innovation structures

Innovation structures are places of cross-fertilization bringing together UEMF researchers and businesses in a collaborative logic. Their missions are to stimulate the actions of: Training, Research-Development, Transfer, and Creation of startups and innovative companies in the service of economic development, integration and wealth creation.

Innovation structures

Agro Energy TIC Valley

It is a mixed platform for testing, research and training in the fields of bioenergy and energy storage, created jointly by the EuroMed University of Fez and the Institute for Research in Solar Energy and New Energies. (IRESEN).

Fez Smart Factory

This project is developed within the framework of the “Sustainable Industrial Zone Fund (FONZID)” Program of the Millennium Challenge Account –Morocco. It aims to establish a space for the development of industrial activities with significantly improved productivity thanks to the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. It is being implemented as part of a partnership between the UEMF, CGEM Fès/Taza, the Fès Meknes regional council and the company Alten delivery center Maroc.


This regional innovation hub, whose feasibility study financed by the French Development Agency is underway, and with which the Region and Wilaya of Fez-Meknes are associated, will aim to contribute to the emergence of potential, insufficiently exploited, of the Fès-Meknes region in its traditional activities (notably the agri-food industry) and the development of territorial growth relays creating wealth and jobs

Euromed Innovation center (EIC)

The Euromed Innovation Center (EIC) is a support structure designed to be the launching pad for creators of innovative projects with the desire to realize their ideas. The project evaluation criteria adopted by the selection committee are based in particular on their scientific and innovative character. The choice also concerns the evaluation of the technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills of the project leaders and their dedication.

CVTIP (Professional Development, Transfer and Integration Center)

The CVTIP is dedicated to supporting students and research professors in the protection of intellectual property and the promotion of their research work and inventions.