Research projects

Research projects

In addition to research projects funded by the University through internal calls for projects, the University's research staff is encouraged to seek alternative sources of funding by forging links with the socio-economic and industrial world and by participating in national and international funding programs. Incentive bonuses are set up by the UEMF to reward the most active professor-researchers in this area.

The list of research projects can be found on the website


Design of phase shifting cells by additive manufacturing for purely metallic reflecting antennae

Université Antonine (Liban), INSA Rouen

Urban logistics: Systemic approach, modeling and practical simulations


Deep Learning Based e-Commerce Product Recommendation Engine


Synthesis of new phosphate ionic liquids and their formulation in hybrid nanomaterials for the design of a new generation of Lithium batteries


Promotion of Moroccan Cannabis: Extraction, enhancement and study of the bio-distribution of Cannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) of Moroccan cannabis


ntelligent and multi-physical platform for the diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer


Resilient Smart Drones for police work


Electrophoretic coating of metal implants manufactured by SLM


Integration of the electric vehicle into the Moroccan electricity network


PHC TOUBKAL (38953UE): Porous hybrid materials of nanostructured polysaccharides for catalysis in fine chemistry

UEMF/ Université Université Lille 1

From waste to nanostructured materials, polysacchari bio-based and metal ions

PHC Toubkal(UEMF FEZ_ICG Montpelier).

PHC TOUBKAL 2019 (41405WE): Graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes functionalized with phosphorus-containing dendrons and dendrimers for applications in oncology.

CNRS (France) / CNRST (Maroc)

PHC TOUBKAL 2017 (36875XJ): Lanthanide-based dendrimers functionalized for near-infrared optical imaging: applications for in vivo monitoring of bioactive molecules

CNRS (France) / CNRST (Maroc)

Priority Project (PPR2): Creation and implementation of a nano platform for personalized medicine using the conjugation by biocompatible dendrimers of biologically active compounds for anticancer purposes and as theranostic biomarkers

CNRST (Maroc)

Effect of ALSI7MG0.6 powder recycling on parts manufactured by Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques, Thalès

Priority Project (PPR1I20 15/73): Development of biodegradable nanocomposites based on agro-resourced biopolymers (polylactide and ε-caprolactone) -clay: Development of Moroccan clay

UEMF/ Faculté des Sciences et Techniques-Marrakech /Faculté des Sciences-Tétouan.

Garden of experiences, from material to know-how

UMONS Université de Mons/ Belgique Faculté d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme Université Moulay Ismail (UMI) Ecole d’Agronomie

Medina of Fez - Exploded museum

Région Fès –Meknès

Green accounting / Pilot project on waste and water in the Fes Meknes region

Région Fès-Meknès

Cluster for Design


Built heritage and sustainable development

Région Fès-Meknès

Unit for the simultaneous production of electricity and drinking water by coupling a CSP to a brackish water desalination process by direct Omose (ECSP-BWFOD)

UEMF, EMI, Azolis

Additive manufacturing of custom metal implants for clinical applications

Région Fès-Meknès

Fatigue resistance of INCONEL from additive manufacturing

LMR-CEROC, Sandvik-Tooling-France,UEMF, INSA Strasbourg, Aerocentre)

Development of a drying process-Solar Flach of Phosphates


Optimization of a Vanadium Flow Battery for Energy Producing Systems in Hot Climates

IRESEN, CDTI (Espagne)

Development of an University- Based Innovation Ecosystem in the Region of Fès, Morocco - InnoFès

Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Allemagne

Euro Mediterranean network for economic studies EMNES

Europe Aid/EC Commission Européenne

Synthesis of Porous Bioceramics for Bone Regeneration: Mechanical Properties and Biological Activities Studies

Centre National de Recherche Scientifiques et Techniques (CNRST -Maroc)

Reinforced thermoplastic implemented by additive manufacturing

Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques/Groupe Safran/UEMF

Installation of a new EPOXIDE materia

Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Technique/Groupe Safran/UEM

Project: PROEMED: Boosting environmental Protection and Energy Efficient Buildings in Mediterranean Region

University of GENOVA-ITALIE

ERASMUS+ Joint Projects-573644-2016 Developed master's degree: Design of green building engineering (CIBV) Area : sustainable development

Enhancing Quality Assurance in Morocco. Projet EQuAM-M

University of Barcelona


Mediterranean Countries: Towards Internationalization at home

Université EMUNI-Slovénie


Euro-Mediterranean research training network in Architecture, Design and Urbanism-EUROMEDLABS

Università degli Studi di Firenze] [UNIFI]-Italie

Commission Européenne *Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices-Capacity building of Higher education

Europe for Building Entrepreneurial and Innovative Capacities in the Mediterranean Region / EU4MED+

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech, Barcelona, Spain

Commission Européenne *Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices-Capacity building of Higher education

Strategic Sustainable Development - Operationalising Sustainability Principles StraSuD

University of Stockholm

Commission Européenne *Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices-Capacity building of Higher education