Thesis defense under joint supervision by Ms. Kaltoum BAKKOUCHE


Doctoral student at UEMF specializing in molecular chemistry, Kaltoum BAKKOUCHE will present her thesis on May 3, 2023 around the theme "Semiconductor nanocrystals of indium phosphide supported on mesostructured silicas and functionalized graphenes: eco-compatible architectures for photocatalysis." before a jury composed of:  

  • Mr Peter REISS, Rapporteur

  • Mr. Mohamed LAHCINI, Rapporteur

  • Mr. Khalid DRAOUI, Rapporteur

  • Ms. Céline NAYRAL, Examiner

  • Ms Nadia KATIR, Examiner


This work was carried out under the direction of: 

  • Mr. Fabien DELPECH, Thesis director

  • Mr. Abdelkrim EL KADIB, Thesis director