Doctoral defense: Process Engineering


Doctoral defense in applied sciences of Ms. Zhor OUELD KADDOUR EL HALLAOUI, State Engineer in Process Engineering at EMI.


Modeling and Development of a solar phosphate flash dryer: application to the PhosBoucrâa-Laayoune drying site


Prepared at the Industrial Process Analysis and Synthesis Team (LASPI), Center for Doctoral Studies “Sciences and Techniques for Engineering”, Mohammadia School of Engineers in partnership with the Euromed Research Center, Euromed University of Fez .


Jury members:

  • - President: Pr. Mohamed TAHIRI, PES, Mohammadia School of Engineering, Rabat.
  • - Rapporteur: Prof. Abdellatif TOUZANI, PES, Mohammadia School of Engineers.
  • - Rapporteur: Pr. Abdelmounaim BOUHAFID, PES, Semlalia Faculty of Sciences-Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech.
  • - Rapporteur: Pr. Said HACHIMI, PES, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Rabat.
  • - Examiner: Pr. Mohamed SALOUHI, PES, Mohammadia School of Engineering.
  • - Thesis director: Pr.Souad ABDERAFI, PES, Mohammadia School of Engineers, Rabat.
  • - Thesis director: Pr. Tijani BOUNAHMIDI, PES, Euromed University of Fez.
  • - Thesis co-supervisor: Pr. Sébastien VAUDREUIL, PES, EuroMed University of Fez.
  • - Guest: Dr. Samir RACHIDI Director R&D, Thermal Systems & "Power-To-X", Solar Energy and Energy Research Institute. News

Defense date: June 12, 2021 at 3 p.m.
Defense location: EMI, Grand Amphi