Euromed Innovation center (EIC)


Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the center of a common strategy

The Euromed Innovation Center (EIC) is a support structure designed to be the launching pad for creators of innovative projects with the desire to realize their ideas. The project evaluation criteria adopted by the selection committee are based in particular on their scientific and innovative character. The choice also concerns the evaluation of the technical, entrepreneurial and managerial skills of the project leaders and their dedication.



The objective of this structure is to assist project leaders in various sectors by providing personalized support throughout the business creation process. This support includes a complete range of services for the most promising projects, notably through:

• Personalized support: Individualized mentoring to guide each project from idea to startup.
• Inspiring events: Hackathons, seminars and brainstorming sessions to stimulate innovation.
• Diversified training and Prototyping: Specialized teaching and access to the latest prototyping technologies.
• Privileged access to University Resources: cutting-edge laboratories, a network of experts and researchers, from the UEMF ecosystem, one of the most important 3D printing platforms in the Kingdom.


Vision :

The creation of the Euromed Innovation Center constitutes a further step towards the realization of a national desire where universities are key players in the technological and entrepreneurial landscape. This center reinforces our desire to be a catalyst for innovation, not only in the Fez-Meknes region but at the national level.


Missions and Support

• The main mission of the Euromed Innovation Center is to support project leaders and startups. The structure facilitates access to key resources and guides project leaders in their entrepreneurial development, through an environment conducive to their development.

• The Euromed Innovation Center aims to stimulate the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is committed to establishing an effective link between the academic, institutional and entrepreneurial spheres. This synergy will promote the emergence of innovative companies.

• The EIC strives to strengthen, support and promote innovation within this ecosystem. The Center is committed to raising awareness of the latest developments in research and development, thereby encouraging the creation of innovative solutions.

• The Center offers comprehensive support to young entrepreneurs. It provides them with support services, financing opportunities and creates an environment favorable to their success.

• In addition to this support, the EIC also offers managerial, legal and technical support to young entrepreneurs and their businesses, thus guaranteeing stable and sustainable growth.


Labeling of the EIC by ''Tamwilcom'': A Seal of Performance

Twelve Partner Support Structures (SAP) were selected by “Tamwilcom” for the 3rd edition of the “Innov Invest Fund” (FII) for the first three segments of the startup life cycle, namely Ideation, Incubation and pre-acceleration.
The Euromed Innovation Center has been labeled by “Tamwilcom”, among the four SAP structures at national level placed in the “Ideation” segment, a notable recognition within the framework of this program (FII).
Thanks to this labeling, project leaders and entrepreneurs have access to the EIC and Tamwilcom offers, particularly through the “Tech Start” and “Tech Boost” programs, reinforcing the center’s commitment to transforming innovative ideas into successful startups.

⤵️ To apply for the support offer from the Euromed Innovation Center:



Name: Professor Bounahmidi Tijani, Vice-President Innovation and Entrepreneurship & Ms Bouhlal Ghada, Director of socio-economic partnerships and entrepreneurship