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Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Intrusion detection

Artificial intelligence

Taha AIT TCHAKOUCHT is a professor of computer science at Euromed University in Fez. He continued his doctoral studies at the database engineering and knowledge processing laboratory (IBDD-TC) at Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, in Tangier, from where he obtained his doctorate ( 2018). He graduated in computer engineering from the National School of Mines in Rabat in 2012.  

Professor AIT THAKOUCHT also worked as a Business Analyst at the company B3G specializing in Mobile Wallet (November 2018 – September 2019).

Intrusion detection and Deep Learning and its applications are the main subjects of his research

Behavioral approach for intrusion detection; Application field: “E-Health”

(12th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications AICCSA November 17, 2015, Marrakesh).

Detecting Network Intrusions using Multi-Class Logistic Regression (MLR) and Correlation-based Feature Selection (Advanced Information Technology, Services and Systems, AIT2S-17, 14/15 April 2017, Tangier).

Building a Fast Intrusion Detection System for High-Speed ​​Networks: Probe and DoS Attacks Detection (Procedia Computer Journal, Volume 127, pp.521-530, 2018).

A Deep learning approach for Intrusion Detection (AIS2D'2018 book, Volume 5, pp. 72458–72468)

Multilayered Echo State Machine: A Novel Architecture for efficient Intrusion Detection (IEEE Access journal, Volume 6, pp. 72458–72468, 2019)  

Advanced machine learning

Python for Data Science

C language

Coding of information


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