Word from the Educational Director of EIDIA

Welcome to EIDIA, 
Our ambition is to train high-level executives capable of supporting major projects and development projects in the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean basin and in sub-Saharan Africa in the digital and intelligence professions. artificial.

To do this, we rely on a rich partnership network both academically and industrially. Beyond scientific training, future EIDIA engineers will be made aware of Euro-Mediterranean history and culture, socio-economic and political issues in the region, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The ambition and originality of our school lie in its strong originality because it is the first major engineering training school in these fields in our Euromed region.

The students, recruited mainly at baccalaureate level, come from Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa. Teaching is provided by teacher-researchers from UEMF, partner universities and by professionals from socio-economic backgrounds.  

International openness is accompanied by academic mobility of 6 to 18 months in major schools, universities and partner socio-economic environments



Director of EIDIA