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The UEMF campus has various catering facilities that offer students, staff and visitors a wide range of varied and balanced meals with good value for money. To ensure the safety of employees and consumers, hygiene checks and meal analyses are carried out on a regular basis.

University Restaurant

UEMF has delegated the management of its restaurant to a professional catering company.  With a large number of seats and a cafeteria area, the UEMF restaurant offers several catering options, all dedicated to serving the UEMF community and its affiliates. 
UEMF's on-campus caterers offer a varied menu with hot meals, a wide variety of refreshments, several catering options, and a broad range of services. They are happy to welcome you and to meet your specific needs and budget. 
Students and members of the UEMF community can enjoy the convenience of secure, cashless transactions by using their Campus Card to pay for meals and beverages. To check your balance, ask any hospitality staff working at a till to check the amount of credit on your card.