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The UEMF Student Card / UEMF Student Card
Candidates registered with the UEMF obtain student status and benefit from a personalized student card:

  • the student card is strictly personal. It has several functionalities: it allows the holder to be physically identified for access to the University's Eco-campus. All students are required to present their student card upon entering the UEMF, to ensure registration and to present it upon exit;
  • all students are required to present their card during checks carried out by security agents;
  • it serves as an access badge to certain premises with regulated access, examination rooms, the sports complex, the library, the university residence and the UEMF car parks;
  • it can be used as a payment card like an electronic wallet, to be loaded and recharged with the UEMF cashier, to eat at the UEMF and for all purchasing operations within the Eco -University campus. The card is recharged by cash, with a minimum of 100 Dhs;
  • it allows its holder to participate in voting operations for the choice of delegates and student representatives to University bodies.

The student card is issued free of charge by the Education Service to the student when they first register at UEMF.
In the event of loss, theft or deliberate or involuntary damage, the student must immediately inform the UEMF Education Service.
A new card will be given to him and charged at 100 DH. The declaration of loss or theft of a card is automatically followed by a definitive blocking of the said card.
Once blocked, it loses all its functionality. The student card remains the property of Euromed University of Fez, which may, at any time, cancel it or repossess it.
It is strictly forbidden to lend, falsify or alter this card.
Anyone who uses a falsified card or one belonging to another person is subject to disciplinary sanctions. Anyone finding a lost student card is asked to return it to the Information Systems Department.