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The library is a service intended for students regularly registered at the University, teachers, researchers and UEMF staff. It has multiple documentary resources covering different specialties:

  • Science and technology
  • Architecture
  • Arts and culture
  • Social Sciences
  • Economy
  • Management Science

 The maximum number of documents authorized for borrowing is 3 per week.
Borrowed documents must be returned on time, without damage. Users must ensure respect for others and promote a situation of calm, tranquility and work in the library.
Readers are required to comply with the Library's internal regulations and the instructions provided by staff with good will. Any breach of these rules will be punished. Students who are too noisy will be excluded from the library. In the event of late return of a borrowed item, a fine of 20 DHS per day of delay will be requested, under penalty of being deprived of any further borrowing.