Training in Digital Orthodontics at UEMF


The Euromed Faculty of Dentistry of the Euromed University of Fez, fully committed to the digitalization process of all of these programs, successfully concluded, today, May 10, the fourth degree of the Diploma in Digital Orthodontics. 

This phase of the training focused on the exploitation of digital diagnosis via 3D simulation and treatment software, as well as on the complete mastery of the Invisalign system, treating cases of class II and III malocclusions, transverse alignment, overbite and open bite. The program also included advanced modules on the use of miniscrews in orthodontics and innovative therapeutic strategies.  

The quality of teaching was ensured by an eminent team of trainers, including Dr Charafa Bennis, Dr Aziz Marani Alaoui, Dr Waddah Sabouni, Prof Zakaria Bentahar, Prof Joseph Bouserhal, Dr Francesco Garino, and Prof Amal Ouazzani Chahdi. 

This certification is not only a guarantee of competence for participants but also an essential milestone for the advancement of contemporary orthodontic practices.