The AMSA 5 grand final at UEMF

Competition announcements

Euromed University of Fez and its partner ALTEN DELIVERY CENTER MAROC today held the final of the 5th edition of the ALTEN MOROCCO SOFTWARE AWARDS (AMSA 5) at the UEMF eco-campus. In addition to representatives of local authorities, and Professor Mostapha Bousmina, President of the Euromed University of Fez, this final was attended by:

- Ms. Veronique Dan, Consul General of the French Republic in Fez;

- Mr. Amine Zerrouk, Managing Director of ALTEN Maroc;

- Mr. Didier Marchet, Technical Director of the ALTEN group;

- Ms. Hanan Hanzaz, Director of UNIDO for the Morocco region;

- Mr. Omar Seghrouchni, President of the CNDP;

- Mr. Khalid El Bikri, Director of ENSET in Rabat;

- Mr. Mustapha Ijjaali, Dean of the FST of Fez;

- Pr. OULDIM Karim the Director of the Cancer Research Center;

- Representatives of the CCG.

All project leaders were able to benefit from personalized coaching thanks to a series of workshops given by a professional “Hack & Pitch” team, during the 36 hours of hard work trying to find concrete solutions in order to to achieve a viable and convincing business model.

Innovation requires a lot of work, a lot of intelligence, but above all a critical mind while constantly trying to seek the truth and establish intellectual filters ” is the key to success that Professor Mostapha Bousmina delivered to all participants of this edition to further advance research and innovation. It is also thanks to the UEMF's partnership with the company ALTEN Maroc that this unique edition was able to see the light of day and allow the different candidates to convert their ideas into projects/prototypes.


Winners of this edition of AMSA 5:


1st position : Walid Raiss El Fenni and Adam El Moueffak, 2nd year students at the School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (EIDIA) of the UEMF with the “Smart Helmet” project, an intelligent helmet that detects fatigue and drowsiness in motorcycle users by identifying brain activities.

2nd position : Wafaa Hamdaoui, student at the UEMF School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (EIDIA) who participated in the “Ali Bike” project. It is an intelligent and eco-responsible bicycle composed of an electric part, allowing mechanical energy to be channeled to keep the movement without human intervention, and another intelligent one which consists of providing a GPS system and sensors remote measurement videos for detecting obstacles.

3rd position : Ayoub Abani, student at the FST in Béni Mellal who is leading the “Mobility AI” project, a system allowing drivers to ensure their safety in the face of an obstacle on the road thanks to sensitive and reactive detectors which alarm the driver in real time and automatically reduce speed.

As a reminder, technically sound and economically viable projects will be incubated in the new UEMF platforms.