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Chair Women in Sciences

The « Women in Sciences: Artificial Intelligence and Future » Chair aims to counter the problem of female under-representation in the field of science through various activities to increase the recruitment, retention and progression of women in sciences, and in particular in Artificial Intelligence.

Maha GMIRA, Ph.D., Ing.

Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UEMF and Chair Holder of “Women in sciences: Artificial Intelligence and Future” Chair


Among the various research topics, the Chair works on novel approaches and concrete solutions on the following themes.


Develop decision support systems to fight pandemics and strengthen health systems.

Smart and Sustainable Cities

Design AI-based decision support systems to optimize everyday aspects of the citizen and meet sustainable development goals.

Industry 4.0

Optimize connectivity in an "industry 4.0" industrial environment through, Internet of Things and AI algorithms.


Optimize all aspects of the energy supply chain, including renewable energies, from production to consumption and transportation.


Apply new technologies, namely sensors, deep learning algorithms in the service of sustainable and connected agriculture.


Respond to the needs of the constantly evolving financial world and ensure competitiveness by offering digital solutions adapted to customers' needs, ensuring the security of their data, etc.


Diversified activities and a willingness to support and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital sector.

Summer Schools and Workshops

Developing a program of Summer Schools and workshops to explore the most recent knowledge in artificial intelligence


In order to impact a greater number of people and particularly in a pandemic situation, the Chair intends to develop Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Deep Learning and Data Science

Lifelong Learning

The Chair organizes training courses for the general public in order to popularize Artificial Intelligence and prepare humans for AI applications

Scholarship programs

To train the next generation of female students in Artificial Intelligence, the Chair establishes a support program in AI and offers PhD and Post-Doc scholarships

Internship programs

In order to encourage mobility between students, an artificial intelligence internship program will be offered. This internship will allow a student to work on one of the Chair's AI projects for a period of 3 months

Roundtables and Webinars

In order to consolidate a lasting relationship with the various stakeholders to meet the challenge of including women in science and AI, the Chair organizes round tables and webinars with its partners and other actors on specific themes

Coding Bootcamps

For a young audience of girls, aged between 7 and 12 years old, the Codings Bootcamps aim to introduce coding, in a completely play activities

Growing a New Generation of Women AI Specialists in Africa

Prof. Maha Gmira emphasized the role of the “Women in Science: Artificial Intelligence” Chair

The 4th Congress of the African Council for Scientific Research and Innovation

Participation of Prof. Maha Gmira in the 4th Congress of the African Council for Scientific Research and Innovation (ASRIC)

Conference on the jobs of the future with “Inspiring Girls”

Conference on the jobs of the future with “Inspiring Girls”: women's involvement in the AI field

Testimony of Prof. Maha Gmira on the Emirati Zawya newspaper

Testimony of Prof. Maha Gmira on the Emirati Zawya newspaper: Five ways to create the perfect city: Experts share ideas at UN World Cities Day, Expo 2020


The “Women in Science” Chair believes in everyone's potential and aims to expand its teams by providing access to a quality infrastructure and work environment. Joining the “Women in Science” Chair is to promote and share the fundamental values of the organization in terms of inclusion, diversity and gender parity in a key area which is that of science and research & innovation. If you want to join a dedicated, passionate but also young, dynamic and innovative team, please send us your CV and cover letter.



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