Contribution to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the resistance/tolerance mechanisms in Argania spinosa

Descriptif du sujet

The argan tree [Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels], is endemic in south-west of Morocco. This characteristic of being endemic is mainly due to several biotic and abiotic conditions including, soil mineral composition and its physical and chemical properties, the microbiome of the soil and the rhizosphere, the genetic and physiological adaptation capabilities, the phytochemistry and its seasonal variation within the plant parts, among other biochemical status changes under external stresses.

Less data is available about the molecular aspects underlying the tolerance/resistance mechanisms of A. spinosa to external stresses. In contrast, many physiological studies are available, and they could be used as data background to link a function to a gene, here the stomatal and photosynthesis proteins.
Data on the phytochemistry and the seasonal variations in the chemical composition of A. spinosa and their link to stress tolerance exhibited are also missing. Actually, such data are necessary in order to understand the mechanisms of the involvement of the secondary metabolites concentrations and periodicity, in the resistance/tolerance mechanisms in A. spinosa.

Thus, the present proposal aims to build and link the variation in the chemical composition from different parts of A. spinosa to the resistance profiles at the gene level.

This doctoral thesis is expected to reach the following objectives:

  • Isolation, sequence determination, cloning and protein expression from key genes involved in the resistance/tolerance mechanisms of the A. spinosa to hydric and thermal stresses,
  • Development of a protocol for A. spinosa cell culture,
  • Validation of a chemical-genetic approach to study the behaviours (tolerance of drought and thermal stresses) of A. spinosa cells in culture.


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Profil recherché

Master or equivalent in a field related to molecular biology, plant biotechnology, biotechnology.

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Pr. ANISSI Jaouad