UEMF puts the following principles and values at the heart of its modus operandi. As a result: 

  • is open to the world and promotes the values of inclusion, moderation, tolerance, interculturality, and sharing;
  • is open to all students and staff, national and international, without discrimination based on origin, family situation, gender, disability or creed;
  • is based on equal opportunities;
  • advocates gender equality and implement a proactive policy to include a maximum number of women as well as persons with reduced capacities;
  • recognizes and rewards excellence through evaluation at all levels, both top-down and bottom-up;
  • promotes critical thinking, rationality, citizenship values, commitment, sense of duty and common interest, as well as respect for others and the environment; 
  • encourages initiative, entrepreneurship, innovation, and mastery of languages and cultures;
  • has a social responsibility and offers scholarships for tuition, accommodation, and food to the best students from low-income families and Sub-Saharan Africa.