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The role of the mediator is to contribute to the establishment of a serene working climate,pleasant and respectful of all. It helps in the amicable resolution of conflicts between parties involved in a dispute.



In the event of a conflict, the university community (teacher-researchers, students and administrative and support staff) may refer the matter to the mediator who is studying the case for ensure that its content falls within its competence. In case of inadmissibility, he informs the President of the University or he can also redirect the referral to the appropriate services.He can investigate, meet with all parties individually and / or collective and makes recommendations to the parties who are free to apply them or not.

In a spirit of conflict prevention and to help team cohesion, he also mandate to meet with the various services to help set up a peaceful and cordial work climate.

The Mediator acts with complete independence, transparency and discretion. It is not invested with any power of decision, injunction or coercion.

He reports on his mission to the President of UEMF and prepares an annual report activity in compliance with the rules of discretion and confidentiality.


Cases that cannot be mediated:

  • serious cases more relevant to justice;
  • conflict situation that does not fall within the framework of the work;
  • one of the parties does not want mediation;
  • Academic situations which are more the responsibility of the Institutions (case failure of students, grades, exams, internships, etc.) or reporting to the Directorate of Human resources.


The University Mediator

Pr. BENNOUNA Mustapha (Conseiller du Président)

Email :

Office : 4.23, 4th floor of building B3

Phone : 0661209409

Contact the Mediator : The Mediator can be contacted at any time by any means. Meetings with him are organized every Tuesday.

Reference:  In Morocco, mediation, known as “conventional mediation”, was enshrined in Law 08-05 amending the Code of civil procedure (BO of December 6, 2007)