Financing of studies

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Methods of payment of educational expenses

The costs of studying at UEMF include:

  • Competition fees of 700.00 DH payable upon registration either at the UEMF (by cheque or cash at the UEMF cash desk) or by transfer order or payment order to the university account (clickable link below to download the RIB);

  • The proof of payment bearing the name of the student and the field of study must be sent by email to recouvrement@ueuromed.orgfor thepayment to be taken into account;

  • Registration fee for new students or re-registration for former students, of 5000.00 DH payable at registration;

  • Miscellaneous fees of 1020.00 DH covering insurance, reprography and para-academic activities payable upon registration;

  • Tuition fees, the amount of which depends on the course of study (Tuition fees) payable in 3 installments with the following due dates:




at registration

december 31

march 31


Payment of tuition fees is made by:

  • check or cash directly to the UEMF cash office;

  • by credit card at the UEMF cash desk;

  • transfer or payment order to the individual Cashpooling account assigned to each student upon enrolment. The student keeps the same personal Cashpooling account number throughout his or her studies at UEMF.

  • electronic payment through the platform of the Centre Monétique Interbancaire CMI (clickable link below for electronic payment)

Students who pay the full tuition fee upon registration receive a 7% discount on registration and tuition fees.

Terms and conditions of financing of studies

1.    Funding assistance 
In order to promote equal opportunities and access to higher education for all, UEMF has a "funding assistance" service. Our team provides its students with the forms required by the various lending organisations and assists them inthe preparation of their credit application file.
Loan Application “Enseignement Plus”for education financing

financing of studies

Students enrolled in UEMF have the option of taking out a student loan and repaying it only from the sixth year, i.e. one year after obtaining their Bac+5 diploma.

What is the purpose of the Fund?
Guarantee of bank loans granted to students enrolled in private institutes and colleges of higher education for the financing, in part or in full, of registration and tuition fees

Who are the eligible beneficiaries?
Students who meet the following conditions are eligible for the Fund's guarantee:
be of Moroccan nationality;
be at most 25 years old at the time the application for the bank loan is submitted;
proof of valid registration or, failing this, a certificate of provisional registration with a higher institute or school of private education recognised by the State in one of the following fields of study:

  • Business management,

  • Economics and finance,

  • Accounting expertise,

  • Communication and marketing,

  • Engineering courses,

  • Architecture,

  • Health care disciplines,

  • University science disciplines, Preparatory classes,

  • University legal studies,

 What are the financing conditions?

Loans shall be granted by the bank under the following conditions:

  • a loan intended exclusively for the payment of registration fees and or tuition fees required by the institute or higher school of private education. The loan may also finance the bank account fees and the premium for death and disability insurance;

  • the amount of the loan should not exceed MAD 250 000.00 with a maximum of MAD 50 000.00 per year of study;

  • a maximum term of 12 years, including a maximumof 6 years of deferred repayment. At the convenience of the bank and the beneficiary, the deferral can either concern only the principal,or also include the interest;

  • an exceptional interest rate of 2%;

  • a release of the loan by the bank directly to the private higher education institution;

  • The loan may be granted either to the student, his or her tutor or jointly to both parties. It may be transferred from one party to the other at any time.

What is the percentage of cover?
60% of the principal loan, plus the related interest.

How to apply?
Through the bank chosen by the beneficiary.

What is the CGC's response time?
5 working days maximum.

List of documents to be provided to complete your credit file:

Request for a loan «Enseignement Plus» for the financing of studies

BMCE « Enseignement Plus » Credit Application

BMCE « Enseignement Plus»  Credit Application

2.    Scholarships and Bursaries
Our university was created as a non-profit association, taking the name of Foundation and established in the Public Interest. It has no shareholders, but contributors and donors.
Our mission is public, and our management model is private, with no profit motive.
Our goal is first and foremost to offer higher education and research programmes of excellence that meet the highest international standards.

Our will is to make the Euromed University of Fez accessible to a more significant number of students, by setting up several categories of scholarships:

1.    excellence scholarships for outstanding students who have distinguished themselves by the excellence of their academic record, regardless of family income . 

2.    merit scholarships for students from low-income backgrounds with an excellent academic record;

3.    solidarity grants covering tuition, residence and catering costs for the most underprivileged students;


4.    Africa scholarships for excellent sub-Saharan students with modest incomes;

5.    total exemption from tuition fees for all doctoral students;

6.    attractive and competitive grants for doctoral students from 5000 DH to 8000 DH net/month;

7.    attractive and competitive scholarships for postdoctoral researchers between 13000 and 25000 DH net/month.


La bourse d’excellence est octroyée pour l’année universitaire objet de la demande et ne peut être reconduite, pour les années suivantes, que si l’étudiant(e) maintient son niveau d’excellence ;




All scholarships are reviewed by a commission that acts in a rigorous, transparent and fair manner. No other considerations may interfere with the sine qua non criteria of excellence.

Scholarship rates (excellence and merit scholarships)
For each of the two categories, there are four award rates:

  • scholarship to cover 100% of registration and tuition fees

  • scholarship to cover 75% of registration and tuition fees

  • scholarship to cover 50% of registration and tuition fees

  • scholarship to cover 25% of registration and tuition fees


How to get the UEMF grant?

Candidates declared admitted to the admission competition and registered can submit a scholarship application on the application space. The documents required to constitute the grant application file are to be consulted through the links below:

Access to the application space for grant applications and filing of files

The process for submitting the scholarship application is similar to that for submitting the application for competition. Documents must be scanned and downloaded, in GIF or PDF format. In your application space, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose the processing of your personal data.

In accordance with law 09-08 relating to the protection of personal data, your information will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purposes of processing the stock exchange file and for the purposes of non-nominal statistics.

As soon as your scholarship file received and deemed admissible with all its supporting documents, the scholarship committee studies it and communicates its decision to you.

N.B.: Any violation by the scholarship holder of the UEMF internal regulations will automatically lead to the cancellation of the scholarship, in addition to the sanctions provided for in the said internal regulations.