Additive (3D) Manufacturing and Prototyping Platform

Pr. Sébastien Vaudreuil

The platform contains both extractive and additive technologies to design, manufacture and characterize a wide range of materials and forms:

1. polymers, 2. metals, 3. composites, 4. ceramics and 5. Concrete. It is the largest additive manufacturing platform (3D printing) in Morocco and probably in Africa. It comprises about fifty 3D printing machines, some of which are designed and manufactured at UEMF. A startup for the design and manufacture of 3D printing machines has been created by UEMF. 
Several research contracts are currently being carried out in partnership with the aeronautics and aerospace, automotive and biomedical sectors. 

Additive (3D) Manufacturing and Prototyping Platform
Extractive manufacturing and prototyping platform