Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design

PhD Thesis Topics

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Design


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is an area where artificial intelligence applications have undergone rapid developments. These systems aim to reduce congestion and improve the driving experience by using a variety of communication technologies and systems that capture important data that can be used as inputs to machine learning algorithms.
For example, reinforcement learning can be used for real-time optimization of traffic control policies, integrated, on a large scale, in ITS.
The aim of this research project is to develop Deep Reinforcement Learning systems for better modeling and more connected transport systems.

Key words

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Engineering, Deep Reinforcement Learning

Profile searched

The candidate must demonstrate skills in the following areas:

Machine Learning
Knowledge of "Big Data" tools (Spark, Drill, etc.)
Experience in the operation and management of unstructured data
Python Programming
The candidate has a master's degree in engineering, mathematics, statistics, computer science or other relevant fields.

Thesis direction
Pr. Maha Gmira (
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