Getting to know eachotherbetter to understandeachotherbetter:subject of the first meetings of the Consortium of Grandes Ecoles for Peace


EuromedPolytechnicSchool (EPS) participated in the first meetings of the GE2P (Grandes Ecoles Pour la Paix) consortium working group, whichincludessometwenty institutions and universities, including Tel Aviv University (Israel), Universidad de PlayaAncha (Chile), Queen'sUniversity (Canada), ECAM-EPMI (France), and the University of Geneva (Switzerland), Queen'sUniversity (Canada), ECAM-EPMI (France), Bar Ilan University (Israel), BeerSheva Engineering School (Israel), Moulay Ismail University (Morocco), Ibn TofailUniversity (Morocco), Mohammed V University (Morocco) and the Polytechnic Virtual University (Mali).

The GE2P label allows to :

- Raiseawarenessamongyoungstudents of the primordial values of peace, tolerance, understanding, equality and cooperationbetween peoples.

- Educate and train students in peacethroughteaching, research and the dissemination of elementsrelating to the knowledge and practice of peace.

- To exert a positive influence on studentyouththrough actions thatwill have a concrete impact on theirenvironment, at local, national and international levels.

- To create, develop and perpetuate a climate of peacewithin the campuses and, by extension, at the level of the respective countries for a harmonious and sincere living together.

Duringthis meeting, the PES mentioned the development of specificprojectswith, in particular, the BeerShevaSchool of Engineering and recalledthat the first stepis to worktogether in a concreteway, irrigating the various GE2P establishments via the involvement of the teaching staff, researchers and students. In this respect, apartfrom the classicpedagogical and researchactivities, sport canbe a catalyst, carrying the values of savoir-vivre and living together