Courtesyvisit of Dr Abdallah Albert Toikeusse MABRI, President of the TonkpiRegion in Côte d'Ivoire


Within the framework of a courtesyvisit, Pr. Mostapha Bousmina, President of the EuromedUniversity of Fez, welcomedtoday, Dr Abdallah Albert Toikeusse MABRI, President of the TonkpiRegion in IvoryCoast, accompanied by othermembers of the TonkpiRegional Council and in the presence of a delegationfrom the Fez-MeknesRegionchaired by Mr. the Vice-President of the Regional Council.

Pr. Mostapha Bousminastartedthis meeting with a presentation about the EuromedUniversity of Fez and its main missions in terms of teaching and scientificresearch, promotion of intercultural dialogue and exchange and Euro-Mediterranean-Africancooperation.

Also, Pr. Bousminaunderlined the role of the University in the region in terms of development of scientificresearch, innovation and partnershipbetween the southern and northernshores of the Mediterraneanwith a natural extension towardsSub-SaharanAfrica in perfectresonancewith the enlightened vision of HisMajesty King Mohamed VI mayGodassisthim.

Mr. MABRI saidhewasimpressed by the infrastructure of the University and its vision and values. He alsoexpressedhis admiration for the progress made by Morocco as well as the wish to establish a strongpartnershipwith the UEMF for the reception of students and for the co-development of training and research programmes betweenMorocco and IvoryCoast.  

At the end of this meeting, the guestswereinvited to a guided tour of the University'sresearchlaboratories and its Eco-campus