The Responsible Innovation Label was awarded to the UEMF for the project led by Pr. Mustapha Bennouna: "Sustainable UEMF Program"

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The Responsible Innovation Label was awarded to the UEMF during its first edition 2020/2021, for the project "Sustainable UEMF Program".




The Responsible Innovation Label is intended for higher education and research establishments, private or public, members of the AUF. Its objective is twofold: to map and promote the responsible innovations of universities and to deploy the responsible innovation network to promote synergies between universities, civil society and the socio-economic sector working for the development of a responsible society. label meets several challenges:


  • Identify responsible innovations generated by universities in order to promote and develop them;
  • Strengthen the capacities and skills in SDGs/SSE of the Francophonie network;
  • Organize support for French-speaking universities wishing to innovate responsibly;
  • Train and support researchers, staff, students and teachers of French-speaking universities in responsible innovation and its social and environmental impact;
  • Generate new partnerships and new resources around responsible innovation within the network of French-speaking universities
  • Participate in the emerging ODD/ESS dynamic in the university world and develop it.


The advantages of the Label for higher education and research establishments :


  • Be an active establishment;
  • Attract more students, teachers and researchers;
  • Mobilize new funders;
  • Gain local and international visibility around the SDGs and the SSE;
  • Build a strong brand image of meaning: “responsible” university “committed to sustainable development”;
  • Access national and international, public and private funding;


Up skills :


  • Developing the university: training and partnerships;
  • Being in contact with responsible innovation actors locally and internationally;
  • Access technical or financial support from the AUF for the actors involved;
  • Access the network and tools of the ACTIF system;
  • Positioning itself as a player in responsible innovation;
  • Be an actor and operator in the sustainable development of societies;
  • Be an actor and operator of responsible and sustainable innovation, SDGs and SSE.