[JPOs] Information, orientation and admission week at UEMF

Various announcements

BetweenMondayJune 12 and Saturday June 17, the eco-campus of the EuromedUniversity in Fez organized an open house to showcaseits range of training courses through information and orientation, as well as givingvisitingstudents the opportunity to takecompetitive entrance exams and register. The weekwasalsomarked by a live information session on our social networks with the presence of teachers and schoolheads.

The eventwas a resoundingsuccess, with a large number of visitors:baccalaureateholders, students and parents from all over the kingdom.

UEMF wouldlike to thank all the participants, visitors, admissions team and administrative staff whocontributed to the success of the week.

Back to the LIVE of the UEMF JPOs for the June session: https://fb.watch/lfZeSYEe7L/