Practical Civil Engineering Workshops

Educational and Cultural Activities

The practical construction workshops held by EuromedPolytechnicSchool (EPS) in partnershipwith TGCC on May 13 and 20, 2023 for the benefit of the 4th year civil engineering studentsfocused on the progress of operationsrelated to the construction of the university extension buildings (soccer field stands, sports hall, Olympic swimming pool, R+7 administrative building...), as well as on the major advancesrelated to :

- Masonrywork (conventional bricks, agglos, Monomur bricks withinsulatingcapacity);
- Floors (mainlyinclinedslabs, honeycombslabs, post-tensionedslabs, prefabricatedslabs);
- Steel structure (profiles used, implementationprocess...);
- Drainage system around the buildings;
- General organization of the site management and elements of technicallanguage.

Various topics werediscussed, including:

- Cracking and segregation of concrete;
- Presentation of the articles of the DTU 20.1 "Masonryworks of smallelements - Walls";
- Insulation and protection techniques;
- Role of a QHSE manager and a worksengineer on construction sites.