InteruniversityBiotechDay: immersion in the world of biotechnologythroughdifferentthemes

Cycle of conferences

The EuromedUniversity of Fez and its component BiomedTech Engineering School and Al AkhawaynUniversityorganised a conferencewithin the framework of the InteruniversityBiotech Day, a daydedicated to knowledge-rich exchanges betweenscientists and students in biotechnology. The participation of undergraduatestudents in particular in thisactivitywillallowthem to deepentheirknowledge and develop a criticalmindsetwhilelearning about innovativeresearchmethods. 

OrganisingCommittee :


Dr. Salim Bounou
Dr. Jaouad ANISSI 
Dr. Nabil El Brahmi 
Dr. Mohammed Rbai
Dr. Ismail Moukadiri
Mrs. LamiaeMoumni
Ms. AmaniDahmani
Ms. WissalBadida
From UAI 

Dr. Khalid SENDIDE 
Guests : 

Prof. Yehoshua KORCHIA-MAOR, Founder and Senior Consultant at Phytor Ltd Company / The HebrewUniversity of Jerusalem.
Title of the conference: New Directions in Cannabis and CannabinoidsResearch

Pr. Khalid SENDIDE, Associate Professor, School of Science and Engineering, Al AkhawaynUniversity in Ifrane, Morocco. 
Title of the conference:FunctionalGenomics in Biomedical Science 

Pr. Gérard Dine, Associate Professor, Ecole Centrale de Paris, Executive Education, CentraleSupelec Paris Saclay. 
Title of the conference: Modern Biotechnologies and Biomedicine: a short history of progress. 

Pr. Ahmad ALY, Associateprofessor, School of Science and Engineering, Al AkhawaynUniversity in Ifrane, Morocco. 
Conferencetitle: New perspectives on multivalent vaccine development