[International Education Day] The Role of Digital for Inclusive Education

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On the occasion of the International Education Day, the Chair of Women in Science: AI and the Future and the Research Institute for European, Mediterranean and AfricanStudies (RIEMAS), Think - Tank of the EuromedUniversity of Fez (UEMF), organised a Webinarentitled "The Role of Digital for Inclusive Education". 

Inclusive educationis an educationalapproachbased on the valorisation of diversity as an enrichingelement of the teaching and learningprocess. It aims to increase the participation and reduce the exclusion of children in situations of marginalisation or vulnerability by respondingeffectively to the needs of all learners and thereforefosteringhumandevelopment, ensuringqualityeducation, ensuring the enrolment of girls and promotinglifelonglearningopportunities.

Severalexclusionaryfactorsstillimpedeaccess to inclusive qualityeducationfromearlychildhood. Gender, ethnicity, disability, urban/rural location, mothertongue, and humanitarian crises and conflictsdeprivemanychildren of opportunitiesthatpromotetheir full development (World Development Report, 2018).

These trends require countries likeMorocco to place human capital formation, R&D and innovation amongitsdevelopmentpriorities, and to accelerateitsupgrading in terms of technological infrastructure, in order to strengthenitscompetitiveness and pursueitsdevelopment. (NMD)

This webinaraims to highlight the contribution of digital technology to the development of an inclusive and parity-basededucation model, a key point in the focus of the Women in Science Chair. 

Moderated by Prof. Maha Gmira, Professor of AI at UEMF and Director of the Chair for Women in Science, thiswebinarwasattended by Ms. Ilham Laaziz, Director of UEMF. Ilham Laaziz, Director of the GENIE programme, under the supervision of the Ministry, Amal El FallahSeghrouchni, Director of the International Centre of Artificial Intelligence of Morocco at the Mohammed VI PolytechnicUniversity and Professor at the Sorbonne University, Nasser Kettani, Digital Expert and member of the APEBI Board, and Amine Zarouk, President of the APEBI.  

To watch or re-watch the wholewebinar, pleaseaccessit via thislink: https://www.facebook.com/UniversiteEuromed/videos/513009860041311