Round table: advanced regionalisation and new development model in the Fez-Meknes region

Congresses and colloquia

As part of the second round table organized by Horizon press on advanced regionalization and the new development model, Pr Hicham Sebti took part in the panel of this edition under the theme: Challenges of Fez-Meknes for a new regional development policy.

During this debate, two panels were scheduled. The first one focused on the actions of regional actors in the service of development, and this, by tackling questions which are articulated around the governance of the Territory and the federation of regional actors, the assets of the Region including the qualified human capital as well as the great building sites of regional development and ambitious roadmaps to succeed the challenge of the implementation of the NMD. As for the second panel, it raised the question of how to establish the Region as a new hub for regional growth.