Visit to the EuromedUniversity of Fez of hisExcellency Mr. José UlissesCorrela e Silva, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde accompanied by a high leveldelegation

Agreements and partnerships

The EuromedUniversity of Fez (UEMF) had the honour to receive on Friday 12 May 2023 HisExcellency Mr José UlissesCorrela e Silva, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde, at the head of a high leveldelegationincludingmanyMinisters and officialsfrom the political, diplomatic and academic world of Cape Verde.

During the receptionoffered in theirhonour, Pr. Mostapha BOUSMINA, President of UEMF, wished the warmest of welcomes to hisExcellency and to the delegationaccompanyinghim, whilecongratulatinghimself on the excellent relations thatbindMorocco and Cape Verde. The Presidentthenbrieflypresented the EuromedUniversity of Fez, created on the initiative of HisMajesty King Mohammed VI, mayGodpreserve and assistHim, and placedunderHis High HonoraryPresidency. Itsgovernance model, itspedagogical engineering and itsresearch-innovation activities as well as itsdifferent components werepresented.

Thereafter, the delegationvisited the University'sfacilities, notablyitstechnologicalplatforms and research-innovation laboratories.

Taking the floor, HisExcellency the Prime Minister of Cape Verde congratulatedhimself on the excellence of the relations betweenhis country and Morocco and expressed on behalf of the wholedelegationhisjoy to be in this high place of knowledge and living together, whilemakingknownthatheisimpressed by the model of the UEMF, by itsachievements and by the excellence of itsteaching and researchactivities. 

A partnership agreement wassigned on this occasion between the University of Cape Verde and the EuromedUniversity of Fez, marking the beginning of a cooperationthatboth parties wish to befruitful and long-lasting, as well as theirmutualcommitment to rapidlypromotecommon initiatives, with the aim of carrying out joint teaching and research programmes, in all fields of commoninterest and to favour the exchange of students and teacher-researchers. 

At the end of the visit, Prof. Mostapha BOUSMINA, offered to the University of Cape Verde a high-tech 3D printer, designed and manufactured by one of the University's startups. Engineersfrom the startup willsoontravel to Cape Verde to installthis machine and train the teams on site. The sameoperationwascarried out last week in Côte d'Ivoire.